Friday, June 26, 2009

Yesterday Was Weird

Even though I fell into bed last night at 1:30 a.m. (working, not playing), my exhausted brain would not shut off. Too much bizarreness had occurred that day and the wheels just kept turning. I'm pretty sure the 80s died yesterday, right?

Okay, the death of Farrah Fawcett was sad but not unexpected. Poor lady had been suffering from cancer for too long now. The worse part about it was her fuck-up of a son, now serving time in jail for drug offenses. Pain upon pain.

Although I'm so glad that former asshole, Ryan O'Neal, came to his senses and her side, truly loving her right to the very end. Well done, Ryan.

Later that day, I'm on the phone with Fidelity, trying to organize what's left of my retirement money. It was already raining but all of a sudden, the heavens opened up all the faucets and it fucking POURED.

I mean, it look liked sheer white gauze out my window and it was so loud! I'd never see rain truly block out a view before. It's like my apartment was a boat that was suddenly sinking. My words to the lovely customer service fellow went something like, "So, I was thinking I should rollover my pension into ..... HOLY FUCK! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!"

I then asked Fidelity boy if people were still investing in arks, 'cause we might need one in Denver. I hadn't seen rain like that since Brazil, not far from the mouth of the Amazon, when I was stuck in a freakish torrential rainstorm. I'm pretty sure my bone marrow got soaked that day; it was so ridiculous - I could only laugh.

Sadly, my kitchen and bedroom windows were open which meant that my kitchen and my bed were soaked from the deluge. I felt so, so ... Southern.

Soon after that, Twitter exploded with the news that Michael Jackson had died ... no, wait ... he was in the hospital ... no, wait, he was in a coma ... but TMZ said he was dead ... but who trusts TMZ? ... can we get confirmation? ... but CNN said he's dead ... no, they didn't ... does anyone know for sure? ... OH NO! Yup, LA Times confirms - MJ is gone.

I spent the rest of the day working and listening to his brilliant 1979 "Off the Wall" album - on cassette - and reliving his genius.

It was later that my pal, HDW, pointed out that the skies opened up right about the time that Michael Jackson was declared dead. Coincidence? Probably. All I know is, the skies are still crying today.

A brilliant and fair-minded collection of succinct essays on Michael's life and career here. And a heart-achingly honest post from Lisa Maria Presley on her MySpace page. I've tried to 'save someone' before and it's brutal pain.

RIP to Farrah and Michael.

Great, now I'm hearing tornado sirens ...


hotdrwife said...

Did you see the comment on my post about MJ?

Heidi's heart said...

True, Jackson was a pioneer and a genius in the music field, but what about his highly questionable activities with young children?