Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rainbow East

Last Wednesday, I received a simple text message, quite possibly the most useful directive I've ever received on a mobile device:

rainbow east

Thanks to my friend, Reid, I didn't miss out. I jumped up from my computer and caught a beautiful sight out my back porch, a triple rainbow.

What is it about rainbows? It's Mother Nature's way of saying, "Hey, sorry about the giant tantrum. I feel better now; let me make it up to you."

And just like that, all is forgiven.


briannawoon said...

Love the rainbow pictures, Cliz. Miss hearing your voice on Friday calls.

Anonymous said...

ClizBiz said...

Bri - I miss you guys too! I should pop in so I could learn something.

Anon: You are a jewel, my friend. I hadn't seen this clip in much, much too long. Blondie & Kermit, together again.