Monday, June 01, 2009

Spring Circle 2009

Every season or so, I get the pleasure of indulging in Circle - a spiritual gathering of ladies here in Denver. Hosted by Amy (and Sherman, her black Komondor) and led by Miss Bliss, it was a much needed check in and celebration of life in the Now.

What better way to spend an afternoon than to indulge in group meditation, vodka, crafting and smokey treats?

We discussed the rebirth of new thought swirling all around us, like an ether. I've noticed it in nearly every conversation lately, no matter the context. Whether by choice or by force, life as we know it is changing for good; there is a global shift afoot. Personally, I'm relieved and extremely grateful for this opportunity to hit the 'RESET' button.

It was a smaller Circle this time, just six of us, which provided an opportunity to really spew our thoughts and goals. Sometimes stating such things out loud is scary (and typing them on your blog seems downright terrifying) but all dreams are supported and encouraged without question.

Our emotional innards released, we set about crafting and this time we made fancy magnets. God, I love these sessions. They just boil life down to what is really important: GLITTER. Lots of it. That and pearly paints, delicate brushes and tiny jewels for the final bedazzlement. Even Amy's husband, Brendan, gets in on the fun - if there is any left.

I also made a new friend: Angela. I knew the minute I spotted her in a Batman t-shirt that we'd get along. She's living in Mississippi but it's just a matter of time before she sets up shop here in Colorado to join the Mississippi Colony. Amy gifted us both with new hats, which fit our heads and personalities perfectly. I love that the Circle is known as a Hat Bank - my head rarely leaves naked.

God Bless the Circle. Every time I leave, I feel renewed. Although the next day is a different matter ... I always sleep, A LOT. (More photos from Circle here.)


Addendum: Last night, I attended the monthly 'Night with a Futurist' event hosted by the DaVinci Institute. The theme was "The Future of Innovation" and again, the same 'new era' phrases popped up. The main speaker, Dr. Todd Siler, was focused on the role of creativity in innovation and he kept coming back to "the current merging of arts, science, nature and technology." He also gave a great piece of advice: "Become an expert novice; suspend what you know to discover what you don't know."

I feel like everything is new these days, and I'm learning a lot.


Heidi's heart said...

The Circle seems like a reincarnation of your seasonal parties in San Francisco. So wonderful that you celebrate the seasons with beautiful women.

ClizBiz said...

Yes, it seems the best way to greet each quarter of life.