Monday, June 08, 2009

Frame by Frame

The last few days have brought so much chunky goodness that I'll have to parcel these experiences here in several posts. Really, it would just be easier to hire someone to follow me around and take notes ....

As I may have mentioned, this time in ClizBiz history will forever be known as the "Summer of the Reset Button." I've spent the last decade or so representing other people and their interests so it's time to take a step back and see what I actually care about. Thanks to the patience and forethought of Gins, my financial guru, I will not have to panic until early next year, though I'd sure like to have a New Mission/job well before then.

Unfortunately, the wide variance of my interests is a problem; it's hard to focus when you want to do everything in life. This is how I came upon journalism. A job running around and investigating everything? Sign me up!

Of course, journalism is suffering - like every other industry - but I manage to keep busy on one project or another. (My latest assignment is on 'retro fitness' such as swing dancing, ping pong, hula hooping, etc.) My urge to document led to this blog and my compulsion to photograph and make audio recordings. So, it makes sense to be drawn into the world of filmmaking, specifically here in Colorado. (How ironic would it be for an LA girl to start her film career several states away?)

So, last Thursday morning I found myself volunteering with the Colorado Film Commission at the Denver Studio Complex behind CFC's offices. We'd gathered to watch Governor Bill Ritter sign Bill H1010 which creates the new Office of Film Television and Media within his Office of Economic Development & International Trade.

Unfortunately, H1010 was the scaled down version of what the CFC had originally recommended and worked so hard for - better tax incentives for filmmakers to shoot in Colorado. It's hard to compete with Michigan's 40% tax breaks or even our neighbor, New Mexico, which offers 25%. Even state Senator Nancy Spence, also in attendance, spoke of it as a "modest victory." Still, you've got to start somewhere and maybe being closer to the beehive will help.

More work to be done on this issue and I hope to make myself useful and maybe learn something in the process.

(More photos here.)

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