Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Third Anniversary

Like a good little networker, I attended the Boulder Denver New Tech Meetup last night, which is basically cramming 500 very sharp, sweaty individuals into a large courtroom and letting them be their nerdy selves. There were a lot of interesting presentations, including one from the IT guy for the country of Singapore. (He says they are working to get the entire country wi-fi'ed by 2012, or at least the bus stops.) Anyway, it was super cool and I'll surely be going to more of these.

Post-meetup, I obediently followed my pals, Kath & Jim, to the Lazy Dog for beer, wings and hockey. Suddenly, I remembered the date: it was my three-year anniversary of moving to Colorado, what Kath calls my "Denversary." The first year, I celebrated with a party, as I well I should have, but the last couple of years, I've just celebrated quietly in my own brain.

Thinking back on my first few days here (and before the MonkMan incident), I was full of wonder at my new Mile-High City. My San Francisco sensibilities were still wondering why it was hot in July and, hey, didn't I just hear a fog horn?

"Mainly, it just feels great to finally be here. After pining for change for so long, it has arrived and I feel rejuvenated by all the unknowns around me. I can hardly wait to see what Colorado has in store for me."

Plenty of fun, sister, plenty of fun.


hotdrwife said...


So glad you're here. You've been a fantastic addition to my life, no doubt.


fyrchk said...

I second HDW's sentiment. Everything in life happens for a reason, and I've decided that my whole purpose was to come out here and meet fantastic people. You being one of the most amazing! xoxo

ClizBiz said...

Thanks, ladies! Looking forward to more years together.

Kath said...

Denverversary's were meant to be celebrated. So glad I got to celebrate it with you :-)