Friday, June 02, 2006

Colorado Citizen

As I sit here trying to adequately sum up my arrival in Denver, I realize there is some serious blues guitar coming directly through the hot water heater. The first night in my new apartment in a new state and I am serenaded by one of my appliances. Such a perfect welcome.

I'm told an old woman lives below and though I will undoubtedly meet Esther many times, she will rarely remember me. Sadly, she is dealing with Alzheimer's and every day is full of strangers. Perhaps this is why Esther loves the Blues.

Thanks to the organizational skills of my father and the superhuman strength of my boyfriend, all of my worldly crap has been successfully unloaded. Boxes, boxes everywhere. I have sworn that I plan to get rid of half of my worldly goods. Unfortunately, I not only announced this out loud but there were witnesses. Damn.

Still, most of my things belong to a Heather of a different time, a different era. That Heather truly needed feather boas in every color, tubes of eye glitter and leather boots of varying heights. This Heather needs her laptop and not much else. However, I consistently wrestle with what 'need' truly means when it comes to Things. It's an ongoing struggle.

Meanwhile, Denver is HOT. It was 91 degrees today and tomorrow promises more of the same. I'm used to wearing wool in July so this will take some adjustment. A real summer! On schedule and everything! Also, I heard a distant noise and assumed it was the foghorn that I'd grown so used to. My ears will have to readjust to new noises and my parched skin will need to drink more.

Mainly, it just feels great to finally be here. After pining for change for so long, it has arrived and I feel rejuvenated by all the unknowns around me. I can hardly wait to see what Colorado has in store for me.

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