Friday, June 09, 2006

The Neighborhood

Ah, the luxury of space. I'd forgotten how much I missed it. Every morning and evening, I take meals on my west-facing balcony. Though the white noise of I-25 whirs consistently, I mostly experience an array of vivid green trees, warm summer breezes and breathtaking sunsets. (I'd love to share photos but can't seem to find my digital camera - or my clocks or my dishes, for that matter.)

Sure, in SF, I had the looming drama of the Presidio but I had to wade through legions of mansions to get to it. This neighborhood is more my style - open porches, dogs barking, friendly folks watering their lawns and bicyclists everywhere. My job is bringing me back to SF next week and I'll be curious to see how it looks and feels to me as a non-citizen. I wouldn't be surprised if I froze my ass off, just like all the other tourists.


Kath said...

Welcome to Denver!

I moved here in January from South FL. Used to live in San Jose and worked in SF for a time...I know what you mean about missing 'The City'...I still miss it to this day.

Still, Denverites have been warm and welcoming. Especially the Denver blogging community.

Drop me a line if you ever need help...or just to say hey.

Kath :-)

Anonymous said...

who will you be visiting whilst you're out in SF?