Saturday, June 17, 2006

That Was Yesterday But This Is Today

First, let's get the self-congratulatory business out of the way: This marks my 100th posting here at ClizBiz and if I wasn't so lazy, I'd bake myself a cyber-cake. What began as a my own private 'writing gym' has become much more than a place to bench press 10-lb. verbs or outrun dangling participles.

Taking stock of my life today, I can see how this space has provided a forum for some very necessary and often dangerous self-exploration. It is also easy to forget that anyone actually reads it. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I had a food/restaurant column in a daily newspaper. I received some fan mail and the occasional bits of hate mail (my favorite: "You suk!") but seeing the paper on the newsstand or watching it run through the printing press, I was always aware that my words landed on people's doorstep and I had an actual, tangible audience. The proof was right there, in the advertising media rate cards.

This blog is more like throwing personal jewelry into a black ocean - not only do I never know if the trinkets will hit bottom, be swallowed by a fish or be discovered by some wayward explorer, it is actually not even the point. The goal is getting my fingers around something internal, articulating it as a thought and flinging it outward - letting it go whether the world cares or not.

Now then, a bit of irony to enjoy. My latest relationship with Man, came about because he'd read my blog and we began a correspondence. Flash forward four months and it crumbles. He hurts me, I hurt him back via the very same blog and now, we are, more or less, even. (Animosity and bitterness are heavy weights to carry around in 95-degree weather - on this, we both agree.)

Meanwhile, an angel from the Denver blogging community reaches out to me on the exact day when I need it most and invites me out for a night on the town with friends. The triple healing powers of Kath, Karen and Jamie had me dancing and laughing until 4:00 a.m. this morning and for this, I am forever in their gratitude.

All hail the power of the written word.


trillwing said...

Yay for new friends! Yay for blogging!

Glad to see your spirits are still liftable.

Kath said...

Yay for new friends that come to Denver :-)

spanish eddie said...

it was great meeting you on friday, heather! let's do it again soon. i really appreciate you coming to see my band.

hotdrwife said...

kath sent me your way! She's fantastic, that's for sure.

Hopefully we can all meet up one of these nights!

Princess Jami said...

It was so great to meet you, Heather, and I'm very happy we all got to meet through that same Kath-Angel. /waves to you and Kath and Karen. Oh, and LSE, also. :-)