Monday, June 15, 2009

Photo Fail

My friends at the "E" Project in Lakewood put out a fabulous challenge to all photographers. They provided 10 words that begin with 'e' and invited folks to tell a story in photographs. I was thrilled with the assignment and pulled out boxes and boxes of prints - so many came to mind.

Sadly, my old technology worked against me (I'll skip the gory details) and I was unable to submit any photos. But, since I went to all the trouble of sifting and selecting, I'll just share them here. E for enjoy!:


Backstage at Bimbo's in San Francisco for Tease-O-Rama, an annual burlesque convention in 2002.

A close second for ENTERTAINMENT was this one:

A street performer in Venice Beach, California - 2002.

'E' for EMOTION:

Mama Jean receives cake - and a new grandson - for her 72 birthday. The Circle of Life never stops.

'E' for ECHOES:

A local park in Albuquerque, New Mexico honors those who have met a violent end.

'E' for ECONOMY:

Freezing my credit cards back in the day. Like a fool, I thawed.

'E' for EMBRACE:

This is the newest of the bunch - taken at CCW this year.

'E' for ELDERS:

A farmer in North Dakota and the model set of his childhood farm.

A runner-up for ELDERS:

A really, really old tree at Mary Mahoney's restaurant in Biloxi, Mississippi.


A heavenly reflection is captured on a 1953 Oldsmobile at the Pioneer Machinery Show in Northeastern North Dakota.

Runner-up for ELEGANCE:

A widow quietly honors a loved one on Memorial Day at Presidio National Cemetery.

'E' for EROSION:

Hurricane Katrina revamps a Shell station along Highway 90 on Mississippi's Gulf Coast.


Budding entrepreneurs count their net income in a San Francisco neighborhood.

Runner-up for EDUCATION:

Famed 'horse whisperer' Monty Roberts patiently teaches the Join-Up concept to a young horse. Step one: Purposely turn your back - curiosity ends up getting the best of them every time.

'E' for EMPTY:

A tired fisherman waits for the bucket to fill on Belmont Pier in Long Beach, California.

There. Now I feel better.


hotdrwife said...

How ├ęclat (brilliant!).

hotdrwife said...

er, brilliance ... it ate my comment before I could correct myself! :)

ClizBiz said...

Thanks, HDW! Glad they didn't go to waste.

fyrchk said...

WOW! That was awesome. My pictures are usually out of focus and sucky. :(

Diane, fit to the finish said...

Lovely pictures - I'm glad you got to put them up for everyone to see. You are quite talented! Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm glad to know about yours too!

ClizBiz said...

Yay! A new bloggy friend!

Heidi's heart said...

Wow, I simply love this assignment and I love your entries.