Sunday, March 23, 2008


I just returned from my Aspen weekend where I took a BUTTLOAD of photos. But I wanted to post this one before it got buried under scenic shots of streams and mountains.

I snapped it while waiting for a red light on Friday on my way up the mountain. I just love all the characters. I assumed the blonde dude was selling these crazy ass motorcyles but it may have been the chunky biker couple, not sure.

One thing I know, the silver fox dude with the giant crucifix necklace was verrrry interested. Do you ever make up stories about strangers just for entertainment? No? Just me? Well, in my mind, the guy is a crazy punked out preacher and needs a sweet ride so he can continue to spread the word of God. Next stop: The leather store!


Mark Dowdy said...

It's Tom Bosley!

He's researching a new role as a wayward Catholic priest who treks across the Rockies on motorcycle journey.

Mark Dowdy said...

Is the bike w/a cig-smokin' skull painted on it a BMW?

ClizBiz said...

Not sure of the cycle brand but I think the logo has long been bastardized into something else.

briannawoon said...

I make up stories about strangers all the time. : )

ClizBiz said...

Ha! Good to know I am not the only one.