Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Almost-Easter!

I've been lugging this cartoon panel around for years and I never seem to tire of using it once a year. It still cracks me up.

Whatever your plans are for this fine Pagan/Christian holiday, I do hope it involves lots of chocolate and maybe even some adorable young 'uns looking for eggs ... and finding them before they rot. My parents used to take us out to the desert of Twentynine Palms for Easter and then place eggs in and around the cactii, which seems pretty darn risky when I think about it now ... hey!

As for me, I'm frantically trying to wrap up the loose ends of daily life and head West into the mountains. Beanie has convinced me that I need to see Aspen. "It's gorgeous there," she assures me, "plus, they have the best thrift stores 'cause of all the rich people. We could really score on their leftovers." Ah, the thrills of middle class in a downturn economy ...


Kath said...

Bet their garage sales rock as well!

Enjoy :-)

hotdrwife said...

Happy Easter, honey! Hope you are having a grand time with Ahhhhhhh-spen.