Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Friend Comes Full Circle

My pal, Tony, and his lovely wife, Dani, brought home their new baby boy, Oliver, today. Yesterday, Tony published an article in Newsweek entitled: "My Father the Dope Dealer."

For only the third time since he was 10, Tony tracks down his father, now living in squalor in Cambridge, and interviews him about his long life of crime. He also interviews his own mother, his family friends and his father's business partners in an effort to piece together the mysterious and bizarre segments of his bizarre childhood.

I couldn't possibly summarize it all here but it does involve long road trips with his mother across the country to find coolers of cash, hookers brought to family functions and a son finally facing the truth, just as he enters fatherhood.

The article is a gripping read but the accompanying video - with Tony interviewing his own father documentary-style - makes for some cringe-worthy footage.

Congrats to Tony - on all fronts. You've slain the beast.


hotdrwife said...

Please tell Tony that was an incredible story and I thank him much for sharing it with the rest of us.

ClizBiz said...

Will do, darlin.