Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clizzy is Bizzy

When I recently purchased an iPhone, the chirpy AT&T salesman asked me a bunch of pertinent questions, including:

"Who is your employer?"


"Um, me. I guess."

"Lucky you!"

Looks like I got a promotion.

Yes, well after giving myself the summer off (I'm the greatest boss, ever!), it's time to get on the short bus and head back to work. Thanks to some amazing new friendships, it looks like I might have some work helping out the Colorado film community.

(Please enjoy the photo above - a 1917 film camera complete with lantern box - sitting in the lobby of Post Modern, a very cool post-production facility here in Denver.)

I adore working with film folks for they are my people. Coming from LA, it's like I found a remote branch of the family tree far from the original source. Like the time I ran into my neighbor on a beach in Greece, only with less Ouzo.

Back to the set!

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