Monday, August 03, 2009

Gone Floatin'

Tomorrow morning, Gins and I are loading up my handsome truck, Jack, and heading to Moab, Utah, the Land of Pink and Red. There, we'll meet up with a bunch of friends we haven't met yet and make our way down - up? - the beautiful Green River.

I did this same trip last year with a geology theme. This year, the theme is music and we'll be traveling with a bluegrass band called Small Potatoes. It's going to be AFRICA HOT there - like triple digit stuff but hey man, it's summer. There are at least nine freezing cold San Francisco summers that I need to make up for. (Wearing wool in July is just wrong, trust me.)

Once again, my jaw will drop at the unbelievable canyons of deep reds blackened with the mysterious desert varnish. We will laugh a lot, eat too much and tell our life stories. At night, we'll look at the stars, sit around the campfire and sing songs. There will be no cell phones, no googling and no plumbing. Pure bliss.


Heidi's heart said...

Heather, just know how fortunate you and your friends are. How I long for connection with water, but alas that is one of the wonderful experiences I must avoid, as I have a direct opening to my interior and would certainly contract a demonish infection if I went in the water. Even with all my cleanliness, I have contracted an infection in the tube that leads to my peritoneum and am taking antibiotics to combat the little buggers. Always remember how blessed you are to have two beautifully functioning kidneys. Enjoy your river adventure!

Maria said...

And you have to make up for me sitting here in SF FREEZING with your old grey sweater wrapped around my legs

ClizBiz said...

Heidi - I spent the past five days feeling very blessed indeed.

Maria - I can't believe you still have that old thing. Glad to hear it is helping you get through the summer.

Opendoor Studio said...

Was it a dream?...I was there.... and you, and you, and you were there too....!
Not a dream...but a beautiful reality.
Green River Utah! Can't wait to see your photos Heather new friend!

ClizBiz said...

Alas, my little digital camera drowned and now the screen is full of Green River and some sand. HOWEVER, I got lots of video and have confirmed that you truly sing like an angel, Martha.

Camille Bright-Smith said...

We are DYING to see photos, hear about your adventures, etc.... I know its way to much to fit in a few blog posts....but give us a taste when you can!