Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Love Winter

Boy-o-boy, do I love this whole white winter thing! Whose idea was it? Give them a raise. Seriously. This is only my second winter with snow and I'm as dazzled as ever. (Yes, I realize that having no work commute keeps it all magical.)

Just looking out my window and watching this fluffy magical powder fall down on my city, my yard, my truck, I get this inner feeling of calm - like Mother Nature is singing a lullaby or something.

I can't get over the seasons. It always felt odd, growing up in SoCal, and having the same fucking day, every day. "Guess what? It's 75 degrees today! Again! That's right, the sun is out so you better be HAPPY, dammit!" San Francisco had a similar mantra from the opposite end of the thermometer, "It's foggy and moody and chilly-as-fuck so you better be intellectual and artistic, dammit!"

Now, I don't mind being bossed around by the elements, as long as there's variety. Right now, my environment is telling me to stay put and not leave the house. I LOVE this.

Happily, I have not left my humble abode since Sunday, when I went on a super fun scavenger hunt put on by pals, Deletta and John. (Please note my incredibly fine-looking teammates at left: John, Emily and Jimmy.) Technically, we didn't win but I left with a full belly, a bag full of sweets and a copy of "Caddyshack" so I couldn't tell the difference.

Later that night, I drafted my two favorite neighbors, Tim and Erin, to join me in my favorite Denver holiday outing. T&E are a couple of salt-of-the-earth Minnesotans who moved here to attend DU. Among other similarities, we've already discovered that we have the same ... er, party habits.

(Photo by some cute guy named Spenderg.)

Therefore, when I suggested we hit the peace pipe and head on down to the Botanic Gardens to take in the Blossoms of Light, they did not hesitate. Even better, when we bought our tickets, we snagged 3-D glasses that made each light a little snowflake and/or snowman! I mean, the place was tailor made for stoners.

We giggled, oohed and aaahed and grinned our way through the sparkly wonderland. Honestly, you'd have to have a heart of stone not to let that place put you in a holiday mood. I'd love to see the Grinch come out unscathed. Impossible.

Happy Birthday, Kath! If there was an In-n-Out in this frosty white state, I'd buy ya a DoubleDouble!


Kath said...

Thanks honey! Maybe next year :-)

Howard said...

OMG! I know those people. They're like famous and stuff!

I, too, love winter. It's my 2nd favorite season.

ClizBiz said...

Kath: With fries!

Howard: Fame everywhere. Monkey, Rodents and the People Who Sleep With Them.

Rosie said...

oooooh, hitting the peace pipe and checking out the lights at the gardens sounds FUN.

ClizBiz said...

Ohhh, it was! We should do it again before January 7, when it ends.