Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hard Decision

I got an urgent call from my horse teacher, Beanie, last night. "Are ya sitting down?" she asked. Uh-oh.

She tells me that the horse I've been riding lately, Copper - the horse I have 'graduated' to - is up for sale because the owner is moving up to Fort Collins. It has taken quite awhile to find me a good 'school horse' that will challenge me in the right ways.

Copper is not a lazy hunk of horseflesh, he is an Arab and has his own ideas about things. Every lesson is a test and we still argue over who is boss. Though he has bucked off many and terrorized a few, I've managed to stay on his back, albeit, with a few close calls. I am still learning the language and he gets impatient sometimes.

I kind of like this about him. His feistiness is making me a better rider - more aware, more bossy. It actually takes awhile to move beyond the "But he's so cute!" phase before you realize that if the horse doesn't respect you, he won't listen to you. If he won't listen to you, you've lost control and then, you are in serious danger. This is why I call my teacher, "Beanie the Meanie."

She's not mean to the horses but she doesn't put up with shit and lets them (and me) know it. You should see these giant beasts stand at attention when she walks by. The woman can smell attitude and won't stand for it. I need to get to this place but I've got a long road ahead. "You need hours," she'll say, "hours and hours on the back of a horse."

What I need is a horse of my own. So, the understanding has been that I will buy Copper in a year or so, after I've saved up the money, paid off my truck and have more experience. Well, this sudden turn of events means I might have to make a quick decision. I should also mention that Copper is selling for $2500 which includes all the tack (saddle, halter, reins, brushes, etc.) This is a steal! If Copper leaves, I will have to go back to finding the right school horse on the ranch property - not as easy as it sounds.

Of course, my personal financial adviser, Ginsberg, is somewhere in China this week and cannot help me decide. It's a huge commitment - boarding, vet bills, hay, etc. - am I ready for it?

I'd said to Beanie, "I'm not ready."
She countered, "You're ready."

I've got less than a week to decide.


Copper the Horse said...

Buy me. You'll never regret the decision!


ClizBiz said...

D-oh! Copper is online! That's one smart horse.

Hmmmm .....

Copper the Horse said...

I am a horse of many talents, woman!

Kath said...

What's more important?? Meeting your financial goals or a horse? I know he is not just 'any' horse, but still.

Is he a want or a need?

Good luck with your decision :-)

Not a Copper hater, btw!

Heidi's heart said...

Heather, I can so relate. Yesterday I was feeling down and I asked Aaron if he were getting me a puppy for Christmas. "I need someone to love," I told him. "Someone who will be happy to see me when I get home." Well, no puppies allowed in my apt. bldg., so true love will have to wait. But for you, Heather, go for it. I'm sure you can find other corners to cut so that you can afford to keep Copper.

Rosie said...

Get him! There are too many horses out there with crappy, negligent owners. Don't let him end up in the wrong hands. Copper deserves a good mommy.

(Yes, I am of the "he's so cute" variety. But..look at him! What a looker.)

hotdrwife said...

I am a big fan of horses, so you know here my vote lands. I loved going out to love on the horses we owned while growing up. They are the gentlest creatures, and I agree with Rosie - there are many unloved little buggers out there.

Either way, what a beautiful face that horse has. Very sweet!!

Fang Bastardson said...


Kath said...

Since he is an Arabian, thought you might be interested in this link.


This is where I attended college and I saw these horses every day of my collegiate life.

trillwing said...

This is a great deal, Heather. Arabs are particular kinds of horses, though--are you thinking he'll be good in the long term? They can be horses of many talents, or they can be limited by their size and attitude. Should you be looking instead for something in a mixed breed or more warmbloody (if you ride English--I can't remember) or Quarter Horsy (if western)?

susie said...

I do believe this is the next step in the ride. It's kind of like having a kid. No time is the right time, but people work it out.

I'm with Heidi - you'll work the budget out - but I also think that more money will come. You are so very talented in so many arenas.

If you make this commitment to yourself and this passion it will be supported.

Howard said...

Isn't this every little girls' dream? Do it! :)

Mark Dowdy said...

A horse! A horse! Heather's kingdom for a horse!

ClizBiz said...

Trillwing: Great questions from a fellow horsewoman. I'd always pictured myself with a Quarterhorse or a Morgan, something less excitable.

I ride English an awful lot but some Western too - depending on the crowd I'm with and the tack available. I'm bi-lingual, I guess.

Susie: You and Heidi, love the 'The bridge will be there' approach!

Howard: You are dead on except I missed my pre-teen pony phase entirely, went straight to boys. WASTE OF TIME. I'm trying to make up for it.

http://lauriewrites.typepad.com said...

I hope you get him!

vlib said...

So... what happened???