Thursday, April 19, 2007

There's a Jackal in the House

The hypocrisy of George W. Bush inflames me. The audacity of that little weenie of a man just fries up my circuits sometimes. This guy here, from the classic "Scanners," really captures it nicely.

There I was, quietly eating my oatmeal this morning, when a small phrase I read in the Wall Street Journal sent me into a full blown rage. Of course, I knew it was coming. As feared, W's fancy new conservative Supreme Court is quietly chipping away at Roe v. Wade. With yesterday's ruling that bans certain late-term abortions, I saw that things were going according to their plan. It wasn't a huge surprise but as a pro-choice citizen, it still hurt.

I sighed. I shook my head. I felt a pang of fear. HOWEVER, all this quiet whimpering resignation dissolved and the much-feared Angry Heather emerged when I came across this:

" …and Bush said it affirmed his administration's defense of the 'sanctity of life.'"

This is when just fucking lost it. (Again, see photo.) I simply could no longer choke down this rotting hogwash from a man who starts illegal wars by misleading the American public about ties to 9/11 and imaginary weapons of mass destruction. All so he can bring down an old man who once thought about hurting his Daddy. The American blood continues to spill and that of Iraqi citizens, many of whom are children. As of today, 3,357 American men and women have now given their lives for Operation Iraqi Freedom. (Not to mention the over 23,000 soldiers who have been wounded and in many cases, maimed forever.)

Don't tell me they are fighting for our freedom, that is utter bullshit. As we face a major healthcare crisis, our country is being led deeper into an impossibly deadly war by a 'man' who completely phoned in his brief military career. A short-sighted frat boy who likes to dress up as a fighter pilot and strut in front of "Mission Accomplished" banners and dream about U.S. soldiers being greeted with candy and flowers.

In reality, our precious soldiers are being blown up with IEDs and we are now deeply involved in a holy war that will not end in a joyous VE Day Parade. There will be no LIFE photos of unidentified Navy sailors kissing unidentified nurses in Times Square, celebrating the war's conclusion with a nice, tidy bow. How could that asshole NOT know that? Did he skip history class too? His father certainly knew it, which is why he never took Saddam out in the Persian Gulf War. I mean, do 41 and 43 not talk at Thanksgiving????? My God.

So now, Bush's great Disneyland plan has killed more Americans than Osama Bin Laden ever did on 9/11. Oh yeah! Osama! Hey, where is that wascally wabbit? He's such a rogue! Always on the go! We keep forgetting about him, too busy protecting the sanctity of life, I guess.

Meanwhile, somewhere between 62,000-68,000 Iraqi citizens have died since we landed in March of '03. It's like we're an idiot nine-year-old boy who knocks down a bee hive from a tree and tries to clean it out with a stick, thinking he can just grab the honey and go - maybe make a nice trophy out of it. Wtf? What's with all the buzzing anger? Hey, wait … these little fuckers will sting me even knowing they'll die?!? What's up with that? Gosh, the Middle East, a hot bed of angry religious extremism – who knew?

And, while I'm up and frothing, let's not forget this gem: While giving a press interview as the Governor of Texas, Bush made fun of a woman the state had recently executed. Just before her execution date, there was an appeal for clemency on the grounds that she had become a born-again Christian. Bush's reply: "`Please,' he whimpered, his lips pursed in mock desperation, `don't kill me,' " This begs the question, who would Jesus mock?

Apparently, this moron - the governor of a major state running for president - thought it was acceptable to mock a woman he put to death, thus revealing his evil inner playground bully. Apparently, the whole 'sanctity of life' spin is a seasonal hat this guy can take on and off at whim. Must be so handy.


Jeff C. said...

Have I mentioned that I love you? Seriously, this post puts into words exactly what's in my head these days. I would nominate you for an award...if I knew what award to nominate you for.

ClizBiz said...

Awwww! You make all my angry bile worthwhile! "Crazy Lady O'The Day" works just fine for me, thanks.

susie said...

Virago of righteous indignation? That would be a good award. It has always made me a little sick to my stomach to think about all the people that GW Bush killed while in the governor's office, especially when thinking about the fact that he cruised into that job with the help of that evil puppetmaster Karl Rove.

I wish I bought into all that Christian fundamentalist fairy tail bullcrap if only so that I could believe in a hell where all these neo con cabalists would burn together.

But alas, I'm a karma girl so I have to settle for just knowing that one day this putz of a president will develop Lou Gehrig's disease and go out with a fully functioning mind and a body that is slowly smothering him to death.

Geez. I must be hormonal.

Fang Bastardson said...

What is it you liberals have against victory? Why oh why do you hate America so...

Altho techincially I'm not sure if it's considered a victory if your victim goes out with a whimper instead of a bang. Let's see what the judges say: Caligula? Torquemada? W? Do we have a consensus?

ClizBiz said...

Damn. My friends are FUNNY.

Mark Dowdy said...

Look. We can have one of the two ways. We either cheer on George as he struts across air craft carriers in a cod piece, or we are anti-American traitors.

Why must you libs be hatin' on Herr Bush all the time?