Sunday, April 22, 2007

She's Self-Entertaining!

Once again, Denver kicks ass. Some weekend highlights:

Friday night, I met up with my comedy improve troupe, Rodents of Unusual Size, for a gig at an elementary gig in Westminster. We were the headliners at the PTA Mother-Son Event. I had so much fun, I thought my head was going to pop. Acting silly for a sea of enthusiastic fifth graders and their tired moms was sheer joy. Those little clip-on ties – which the mothers were wearing by evening's end – beyond adorable.

Two of these kids even came up afterwards to get our autographs and a few shy ones just hovered. Best of all, a taller, lanky kid casually sauntered up and, with a soda in one hand, coolly high-fived me with the other. Best of all, we got paid. I GOT PAID FOR COMEDY. Let's let that sink in.

Then, we all went and got pie. NICE. Still, I can't believe I'm one of those wacky artsy people that now entertains children – all that's missing are my colorful mismatched socks and my rainbow suspenders.

Saturday, it was horses. After a year hiatus, I have finally found the ideal place to continue my equine education. From now on, my Saturdays and/or Sundays will be spent thus: I make the beautiful drive toward Red Rocks, past Morrison, to the Spirit of the West Ranch in Indian Hills. I'm so thrilled just to be covered in dirt and horse slobber once again. God, I've missed the smell of hay and manure - like coming home. My instructor, Beanie, is knowledgeable beyond belief and thankfully, very encouraging. I can already hear her voice in my head: "You need to RELAX!"

On the way home, I visited some friends from the past. They've got a gorgeous – and I mean jaw-dropping – home perched on some piney mid-mountain. Picture a deck with a hot tub, a long, shiny bar in the party room, an unbelievable kitchen and lots and lots of windows. Somewhat foolishly, they mentioned that if I were ever willing to bring up some fun city food – Thai? Indian? Sushi? - they would happily provide the wine and we could dine like kings. THEN, I could pass out in one of their lovely guest rooms and rise the next day to ride horses up the road. Wow, they are so going to regret ever giving me that gate code …

Saturday night, I did my volunteer debut at Swallow Hill, my beloved music school. With two scheduled performances – Ragtime Guitarist Mary Flower and acclaimed didgeridoo dude, Ash Dargan - I promptly became the CD sales girl for Ash. What a plumb assignment that was. On the same table, an amazing artist named John, set up his wares – handmade ceramic flutes of unspeakable beauty. I had two favorites, one that look like a huge copper pipe and another that evoked images of the cosmos and newborn nebulas.

Every person that came by the table seemed to be flute familiar. One by one, they took those gorgeous instruments for a test drive. I was essentially serenaded all night long as I took people's money and credit card info. Of course, I also caught snippets of both shows for free. Ash is a phenomenal story teller and a classically trained musician (it began with trumpet at age eight) so it was generally mind-blowing, even better because I didn't expect it. He performed audio magic tricks on a series of pipes, flutes, sticks and the big D. Memories and all my wonderful memories in Australia and New Zealand came flooding back. Such a vibrant, bizarre land.

This morning, I slept in, made my famous Egg Burritos and read the Denver Post. I hopped on Sophia, my hybrid Bianchi (she's Italian) and sped along Cheery Creek (see photo above) to REI. My God, what a fantastic day for a ride - especially with all the blossom trees screaming PINK and WHITE. (What are these trees called? Anyone?) Good to see all my fellow citizens up and about; everybody outside, Earth Day and all that.

To honor the Great Blue Marble in my own teensy way, I pulled some weeds in the garden, an act both therapeutic and disturbing – vaguely reminiscent of ethnic cleaning, if you ask me. (Who decides which plants are 'good' and which ones must be destroyed, I ask you?) Nevertheless, I play along as I am terribly susceptible to mob mentality.

The day was capped off by a special phone call. One my of my childhood friends is marrying another one of my childhood friends in September. Neither had dated anyone for the last 10 years before they became reacquainted again by chance. They have paid their dues and by god, they've earned it. I've been released from bridesmaid duties this time but I'm told my general hovering skills will be needed prior to the event. Noted.

All in all, my life is pretty damn joyful these days. I marvel at how much I do whatever the hell I want. I don't think it will always be this way and, a la Fang, I see this entry as a note to my harried future self – a record of gratitude. No matter how little I end up with in this world, at least I didn't waste any of the Nows.


Howard said...

When did you sleep? Sorry, I couldn't help out with the show Friday night, but the man was demanding that I celebrate April 20th with him. He celebrated. I watched both discs of the Venture Bros. Season Two. Score!

Jeff C. said...

Wait - do your socks match? You're out of the group.

Seriously, that was hella fun Friday night.

Kath said...

WHAT??? Since WHEN are you a Rodent?? Girlie, we really need to catch up!

Congrats on all things Rodenty, tho. Wish I woulda know, I totally could have dropped by.

You never cease to amaze me, Hedder! And I mean that ONLY in a good way :-)

hotdrwife said...

So happy for you!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend of Nows.

ClizBiz said...

Yes, my Rodent life will get its own posting one day but I'm still getting settled.

Heidi's heart said...

Heather, I need a different line of work. I spend all my nights and weekends grading papers. You spend your nights and weekends having outrageous fun. And for all my efforts, I receive about $15 an hour. Ugh! Any job openings in Denver for a fantastic writer-editor?