Monday, April 09, 2007

The Bob Report

Apologies for not updating this space sooner - I realize I kinda left some major items hanging. However, I was too busy running around the Bay Area visiting friends to seriously sit still.

Bob Clisby came out of his surgery just fine. They went in for a double but once they got underway, a triple bypass looked like a better option. I don't understand it, all those tiny maneuverings through arteries and veins, but he's still kicking so that's all that matters.

Yesterday, he was moved to a real room with a phone in it so I was able to speak to him. What a relief! It was kinda hard to hear him sound so groggy and tired when he is known for his peppy, cheery voice. He sounded older. Something like this really takes a lot out of you but I'm hoping it put something back in too.

Today, he sounded more like himself. He talked about "a couple'a Godsellers that came 'round ... " I guess there were some Bible thumpers that paid him a visit. Makes sense, plenty of folks up for deathbed conversions and all that. Not Pops. He'll go down a staunch individualist who always lived by the Golden Rule without some do-gooders getting in his business.

Bob usually rolls his eyes at these folks, lights a cigar and quietly puffs in their general direction. This time, he just let them ramble on about saving his soul. "Besides," he said, "one of 'em was a nice lady with a cute figure so ..." And there you have the Clisby Religious perspective pretty much summed up.

I can't say enough about my friends who have offered some terrific support on this. It really helps a lot. I feel a bit infantile when dealing with it so it's nice to have some volunteer babysitters on the job. You all rock. Take the day off, just cuz.


susie said...

Yay! I said a prayer although I'm not a godseller - snort. So glad to hear that he's on the healing side of things and that you are breathing easier.

Howard said...

I'm taking next week off anyway. :)

So glad he is doing okay. Thanks for the update and look forward to seeing you back home soon.

(Psssst, what did the job say?)

ClizBiz said...

Thanks for the supportive thoughts, kids. I'm back home now, thank god. As for the job, we'll see what they come back with.

Kath said...

Yay for Heather's Dad. Thanks for the update and sorry for bugging you for an update :-)