Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today - Good Kicks Evil's Ass

As my wise philosopher friend, Dr. Dowdy, once observed, "Evil has a strength that good just doesn't have."

I know what he meant, he's referring to Good's always-in-the-way social conscious, and I tend to agree with him. But I also think that what Good lacks in cold brute power, it makes up for in sheer persistence.

Tonight, my comedian friends and I will put on the first of three shows benefitting Smile Train. I've discussed before how this is a personal issue for me and what a great cause it is, fixing the cleft palates of kids in developing countries. (Coloradans who want to come to a show, click here. Anyone else who would like to donate, click here.)

ANYWAY, when I got up this morning, I pondered the genuine good we were doing with our intentions - regardless of how much money we end up raising. And then I thought, "Something or someone evil is going to get their come-uppance today in exchange." This is how my mind works - crazy, I know.

But it was done.

My beloved NPR and Wall Street Journal informed me that this morning at 11:15 Eastern Time, Bernie Madoff became Inmate #61727-054 at Butner Federal Correctional Complex in North Carolina. I can only hope that about the time we kick off our show, Ponzi Boy becomes the new girlfriend of his cellmate, Bruno. I also hope he gets the bottom ... bunk.


Mark Dowdy said...

A "wise philosopher?" Nice!

BTW: my cousin was born with a cleft lip. Too bad Smile Train wasn't around in those days to help her out.

ClizBiz said...

That's too bad but it really is an easy fix - as medical challenges go. I hope she is 'fixed' today - it's never too late.