Thursday, July 09, 2009

Finally, I've Caught Up!

If there has been a dearth of postings here lately its because I could no longer stand to wrestle with my six-year-old laptop. It was so slow that when I typed, I had to sit back and watch it catch up. Each sentence took 30 seconds to load. It became excruciating. It would not load my photos, could not play videos and the disc drive was broken. Scrolling made me want to poke my eyes out - it just couldn't handle the assignment.

I am famous for running my machines into the ground and this was no exception. Today, my pals Daniel (a computer expert) and Steve (my improv soulmate), went with me to MicroCenter and together, we did the deed. An older saleslady named Mary (she was maybe in her 50s) helped me with her no-nonsense-no-pressure sales approach. They must not be selling too many laptops these days; the sales manager came over to shake our hands.

I feel seduced but in a good way - in a way that is going to make me sleep better and wake up wanting to get shit done.

Lots of debate on PC v. Mac - thanks to Facebook - but in the end, I had to go Mac. There's too much I want to do with media - photos, videos, sound, etc. - and I've experienced the PC virus scenario and it's like being held hostage. No thanks.

Eventually, I will have to tell Gins that I spent a chunk of my survival money but I'm hoping this is an investment in my future. As I am starting to discover, I won't be landing my next job so much as I will be creating it. And this new thin, silver friend of mine is going to help me make it happen.


hotdrwife said...

And somewhere in the world, Kath is doing flips of happiness!


BlogInSong said...

Hey ClizBizy! I love the new look!

ClizBiz said...

Yes, Kath approves of my New Fruit.

Anonymous said...

Gins always knows.

Lisa said...

Congrats on your new Mac!

Kath said...

Welcome to the have been assimilated!

Only in the best of ways :-)