Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The iPhone quandary

But OF COURSE I want an iPhone - who doesn't? The dilemma is giving up my beloved Verizon, which never, ever lets me down. After all, isn't the number one function of a phone supposed to be making/receiving calls? The rest is gravy, right?

My contract is up next month ... maybe Verizon and Apple will fall in love by then.


Mark Dowdy said...

Verizon is definitely a better network. AT&T does kinda suck, though I don't usually have problems.

But I disagree when you say that everything above and beyond the phone is "just gravy." I have always hated telephones, so having an infinite choice of free apps to play with compensates for the fact that it is still one of those wretched devices that screams for my attention at inopportune times.

ClizBiz said...

It's always funny to me that you were one of the first people I knew to have a cell phone. We'd all tease you about it and yet you were cutting edge.

Mark Dowdy said...

Well you can thank my Republican (wince) girlfriend at the time.