Monday, February 02, 2009

Just Funny

Saturday night's show, 'When Animals Improv III' was a raging success. In an ongoing experiment of inter-species comedic mingling, my comedy improv troupe, The Rodents of Unusual Size combines forces with Monkey's Uncle for an annual group show. It's always a raging success and this weekend was no different. We packed the house and made 'em laugh.

In one episode of Recast, Larry was recast as Woody Allen and I as Phyllis Diller. We had to re-enact the subway sex scene from Risky Business. Hilarity ensued.

Then there was the episode of Dye My Bitch (stereotype designers compete to makeover a celebrity pet) where Krupa played Johnny Carson and Larry jumped in as Ed McMahon. My only complaint was that it was much too short. I wanted more.

I also wanted more of Shari playing an Emo, which brought down the house. (I didn't know what an 'emo' was - apparently, it's an emotionally disturbed child. I played a cougar - an idea that I am warming to in real life.)

And here's Mateo playing a gang member and pretty much pulling it off. (He's always pulling things off, ifyaknowwhatImean.) Mateo is hilarious. They all are. I'm so blessed that they let me regress and play with them. Otherwise, I'd be forced to do improv on the streets of Denver, alone and without protection. Or even worse, without an audience. Yeesh.


fyrchk said...

The show was fantastic! I loved it! I wish I had any of the funny that you guys possess! (I like exclamation marks!)

hotdrwife said...

I love Shari's comment of, "It's beautiful - just like a barren tree!". Hysterical. Y'all were. Mwah!

ClizBiz said...

Thanks for supporting, ladies! Glad to have you aboard for the ride.