Monday, February 16, 2009


Is there a better way to cap off Presidents Weekend than to read about your shiny new President coming to your very own neighborhood to do Something Big and Important? I think not.

That's right, President Obama - already sick of Washington and looking for every opportunity to get outta Dodge - is coming to Denver tomorrow (Tuesday) to officially sign the landmark economic-stimulus bill. He's coming to one of my favorite spots in the city, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, to do the deed. Other than Colorado being a leader in science, technology and alternative energy thinking, I'm thinking it's because the DMNS is one of the largest public institutions covered in solar panels.

Sadly, the Big O event is by invite only and closed to the public. Still, it's just 5.2 miles from my home so I'll just have lean northward tomorrow and send my love and support vibrationally.

Random Presidential Factoid Needing a Home: Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was the son of a poor, illiterate frontiersman and lost his mother as a child? And that he had barely 18 months of a formal education? That's true grit, baby.


hotdrwife said...

Did you see the signing on CNN? I loved the head dude for Namaste.


ClizBiz said...

No, I didn't get to see it but I beamed with Denver pride from my nerd cubbyhole. I've met that Namaste dude before - fierce redhead means business.

hotdrwife said...

Of course you've met him.




ClizBiz said...

I told my mom about the Golden Horseshoe and she agreed. Dang. Ya'll teaming up on me!