Thursday, February 19, 2009

Week in Review

So I' m leaving tomorrow, on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again .... Thursday. That's right. I'll be back Thursday. I had high hopes of blogging about these incidents individually but sometimes a girl can't keep up with herself, capiche? Snippets will have to suffice:

I hung out with my wingwoman, Laura, while she got her fourth tattoo on Valentine's Day. Like the typical single gals that we are, we also went shopping, enjoyed cocktails and went to see "He's Just Not That Into You" which was surprisingly funny. (It played to a packed house too.) It may have been one of my favorite non-romantic V-Days ever. She nearly convinced me to get my own but being tattoo-free, I'm my own new trend and I love being cutting-edge.

I went to hear Elizabeth Gilbert (blonde lady at right) speak at my church (note: that is the first time I have typed the phrase 'my church' in my entire life.) She's the author of 'Eat, Pray, Love' and I enjoyed the hell outta that book. It was emphatically recommended to me by a woman - a staunch Catholic - that I'd assumed I had nothing in common with spiritually. Out of curiosity I read it anyway, expecting some re-cooked version of that horrible 'Secret' book but again, dead wrong. Ms. Gilbert is hilarious, real, honest and incredibly flawed and her writing reflects that. She's a self-described "white hot mess" and did I mention she's hilarious? Totally worth it.

Thankfully, the job stress of the week was abated by doing comedy improv with my fellow comedians. It was further treated by a post-show visit to Steuben's, my favorite Denver hangout. The Monkeys (Howard and Krupa) had malts and milkshakes, while us Rodents (me, Jeff) went straight for the alcohol. Truly, stiff drinks are the backbone of comedy. Also, french fries and macaroni-cheese combined with almost anything, like green chilies. Funny friends - that helps too.

Must go back to packing now for Mardi Gras - leaving for New Orleans bright and early Are three boas too many?


Laurianna said...

Da mo Boas da better!


fyrchk said...

You can never have too many boas! Show some boobies for me!

Kath said...

3 is just the beginning!

And yay for being tat-free!

Have a great time in NOLA!