Monday, October 06, 2008

Take Me Home, Country Roads

I left home around 4 a.m. September 26 and I finally return home today - and not a moment too soon. I get itchy if I am gone for more than a week and this trip has been haunted by so many ghosts, making me wonder where it is I'm supposed to be exactly. While it looks glamorous to most, straddling two worlds really takes its toll, especially when one is not firmly entrenched in either.


hotdrwife said...

I thought I heard a sigh of relief coming from DIA ... welcome back, honey. Sit yourself down and stay awhile.

fyrchk said...

Welcome home! Maybe you will be here a whole week! We need to get together. I have not seen you nearly enough.

Kath said...

You belong here. No question. Visiting to other areas allowed only with a roundtrip ticket.

Welcome back honey :-)

ClizBiz said...


We must drink soon.