Friday, October 31, 2008

Sick Kitty on Halloween

I just spent the last five hours in two different vet offices dealing with the news that my best friend - who happens to be a cat - has liver failure. Simone has not been herself the last week or so and now I know why. She is currently in the kitty hospital, hooked up to an IV and, undoubtedly, swearing at everyone in sight with that deep, rumbling 500-horsepower growl of hers.

I'll admit, I cried most of the afternoon and not just when I handed over the deposit of $950 for her weekend care.

Handsome Vet: "Are you okay?"
Me: (Sputtering, trying to keep composed but failing.) "N-n-no."
Handsome vet: "Are you going to be okay?"
Me: "Ummmmmm. Eventually, I guess."

Quite simply, if I lose her, I'm screwed. Sure, I've got lots of friends and family but they mostly live far away and have their own lives. This is my day-to-day connection and my singular world would get downright echo-y without her around the house.

I had plans for tonight but I'm not so sure I'm in the mood. Especially when black cats are a decoration favorite on this Hallow's Eve. Wah. I think I'll just stay home and watch more "Buffy" ...

For you praying types, can you sneak in a good word for Simone? She's a great friend and I need her to last quite a bit longer. THANKS.


Mrs.X said...

Oh, poor kitty. Sending all of my good thoughts your way. I hope she gets better. I know how upset you are - my beasties are my family and it breaks my heart when they are sick.

Lisa said...

I hope she's OK Heather. Love, Lisa

Kath said...

TONS of prayers and good karma and kind thoughts for you and your precious little kitty-cat.

Hugs from KS...



SR From SRT said...

Hi, Heather. Carolyn, Mrs. Peel, MS and myself all wish Simone the best. We know what it is like when your best friend gets sick. We were pray for her speedy recovery.

ClizBiz said...

Thanks, guys. I just came back from the kitty hospital for a visit. She'll be in for a few more days - her liver, lymph nodes, gallbladder and pancreas are all really angry so we'll see.

The friendship and support really, REALLY helps.