Monday, October 27, 2008

One Grape Project

Last week was chock full of little victories but I may have a favorite:
Behold the Grape Pie.

I made it last week because my backyard provides a huge bounty of Concord Grapes in the fall and every year I don my Grandma Myrtle's apron and try to make use. Last year, I produced jars of Grape Jelly but this year, I opted to think outta the jar. When I came across a funky recipe in Bon Appetit, a new grape project was born.

Trouble was, de-seeding eight cups of those lil' purple muthas by hand took a ridiculously long time. Ultimately, it became a two-week project but last Tuesday, I finished that damn pie at 1:30 a.m. Though it doesn't look as pretty as the recipe photo (dough fell apart - I blame the altitude), it tastes unbelievable. All in all, I'm pleased with myself. Behold, the giant mess it made:

AND speaking of Little Victories, I squealed with delight when I spotted my very favorite comic strip, 'The K Chronicles', in my Sunday Denver Post funnies. Big, fat congrats to Keith Knight - the funniest dude with a pen. I am a long time fan and have met Keith a few times, the last being at ComicCon. (Yes, I'm a geek so what of it?)

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