Wednesday, July 09, 2008

To Do List: Circa 1978

My mother's house is bursting - literally - with memorabilia from the past. It is so full that every once in awhile, the house will burp out some random piece of the past with no warning.

Case in point, when I was at my mother's house last week, she handed me a yellowed piece of paper from my youth and said, "Look what came out from under the guest bed last week!"

On one side, it was a map of Bancroft Jr. High School. I had taken colored markers and carefully mapped out my route, Periods 1-7, in preparation for 7th grade. I didn't want to get lost and look like a dufus, apparently.

On the other side, I'd made a list (which I am famous for) of important things to be done in my 13-year-old life. As usual, I've listed them (misspellings included) in order of urgency:

Clean room
Do Homework
Excercise (strecth)
Pick up house

Yessiree. It's good to see that my priorities have not changed. "Rest" still comes waaaay before any silly house cleaning ....


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Mrs.X said...

I'm surprised that a 13-year old would have the presence of mind to even put housecleaning on the list! I would have done so only under supreme duress. Yea, I was a pill.