Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Heated Crash

Apologies but I've been experiencing blog-clog lately. It doesn't mean I have nothing to say - unfortunately, I'm rarely at a loss for topics to rant and expand on - it means that other forces have kept me from posting.

For the past few days, it was a dangerous mix of oppressive heat and an unscheduled depression. Both situations are entirely organic but make me simply want to lie down with my mouth open, like a dog or a crocodile.

Despite this urge, it's a better plan to keep my body moving lest I "sink into the oozy tarpits of Hell", to borrow a phrase from my dramatic 7th grade youth.
And so, to fight the Demons, I went running. Then, I groomed and rode a horse until we were both sweaty, filthy and starving. Then, I rode my bike to some bluegrass/ beer fest to meet with friends. Then, I rode my bike around the city some more. Then, I did yoga and watched "Groundhog Day". Then, I watched it again with director's comments "ON" which only exacerbated my my Harold Ramis crush.

Next day, same thing: Jogging, horse time, frantic weed pulling in my garden followed by dinner/ice cream with a friend in the Highlands. This schedule seemed to work. Today, I awoke and feel clear headed and content. Just in time too, as I am leaving for San Francisco in a few hours.

It might just be a matter of racing ahead of the black cloud. Not sure but it's the only plan I've got.


Mrs.X said...

I love the phrase "unscheduled depression" - it is so true since most of the time it sneaks up behind you and bites you on the ass. But, you did all of the right things to get out of it - and I bet they took an inhuman amount of effort.

And, I wouldn't worry about the black cloud. You worked too hard to get your balance back to worry about it coming back. :)

quirkychick said...

You did an awesome job of taking care of yourself - not to mention the horse - and rise above the oozy pits of hell, or whatever that phrase was.

Depression sneaks up on me in such a way that I don't realize I'm in it so bravo on the self awareness front too.

You gotta love the wisdom that comes with time.

mundane affair said...

glad to hear you kept busy, heather. i know that usually works for me. i find when i just sit around it only gets worse. hope you enjoy san fran. :)

ClizBiz said...

I have the best readers in THE WORLD.