Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lost ...and Found

Now that I've unpacked from my most recent trip, a few troubling facts have surfaced. Well, just one fact, really. I somehow lost several very important items. Namely:

The little super secret thingamajig that keeps me connected to my company network. It's small but mighty; it's basically the key that allows me to work so remotely. And it's gone. I already sent a note to my IT person with the subject line: "Uh-oh."

My corporate credit card. Just went looking for it now and poof! Gone. Cancelling and replacing are easy enough to do but holy cow, what's my problem?

These last two pain me tremendously: I've 'misplaced' (still in denial about it) two very sentimental amber rings - one from my sister-in-law and one from a love, and not just any love - THE love. I am trying not to think about the loss too much and have asked all hosts/hotel management of last week (I slept in five different places last week, counting naps) to please check around. God, I hope they resurface. Why did I bring them? Why didn't I just leave them home? Oh, the pain of regret!

So, just now, I thought to myself, "I'll check in my truck. Maybe I dropped the corp. card when I paid for airport parking." I knelt down deep and looked in all the nooks and crannies. Oh, I found something alright, just not what I was looking for.

When I first moved here two years ago, I took my truck in to be "Colorado-ized" and prepped for the new climate, including snow. When I got my truck back, my security system was gone. I looked everywhere but could not locate the elaborate Scottish dagger (complete with a yellow hard wood sheath) that I kept tucked tightly next to my seat. My plan has always been to use it on a foolhardy carjacker. Sure, he can have the truck but the knife will come with it - upfront. After all these years of monthly payments, it's a matter of principle, dammit.

With the dagger suddenly gone, I could do nothing else but assume that someone at the car shop had swiped it. I even considered calling the manager to complain but instead, opted to just not go back there. Meanwhile, I missed my dagger and longed for its unique and deadly beauty. I hoped no carjacker would come at me as I'd found no suitable replacement - nothing with the flair of the lost weapon.

So, while searching in vain for the card, I spotted the angry King's head of the dagger. Unbelievable! A whole two years later! It must have gotten stuck out of view and been dislodged only recently. So, while the card is long gone, the dagger has returned and I did not come away empty-handed in my search.

Now, if only I can conjure up the rings ....


hotdrwife said...

I lost my class ring once on an airplane, in an airport, somewhere - I'm not sure. But month or two later, it arrived in a plain brown envelope and no note attached. So who knows!

Sending good 'return' vibes to you.

LOVE the dagger. Now I know what was poking me in the backside when riding shotgun w/ ya ... ha.

ClizBiz said...

I love your story - it helps me keep the faith!

fyrchk said...

I have found things that I thought I lost in the strangest places. Of course, AFTER I find them I go, "Oh yeah! I remember putting it there for safekeeping."

I'm so good at putting stuff away I don't know where I put it. Here's to hoping you're the same!

Xa said...

I'm feeling you on the losing stuff. I've already had to have my employee badge replaced once (it hasn't even been three months!). This weekend I thought I would have to replace it again, but the Angel of King Soopers turned it into customer service.

Perhaps the "BlogHer Angel" will find your rings and leave them under your pillow.

Fang Bastardson said...

You won't find your rings till you've accepted their loss, and have moved on to obsessively searching for something else, probably a couple years from now.

ClizBiz said...

Keep that optimism comin', folks! And Fang, I'm afraid you are too right about this but obsession is hard to stop once it's up and running...

Anonymous said...

Heather -

travel safely. I LOVED the darkness but am ready for some light after that. It was really dark. Mama Mia here I come.

LOVE the knife. WOWZA! You are one tough lady - between the knife and the zuccini I'm scared.



ClizBiz said...

Camille - Have no fear, m'lady! The dagger only works against evil. I doubt it could even cut up that innocent zuke.

YK said...

this might have helped: