Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Back in My Cave

After some on-the-road adventures, I made it back to my Denver Cave late Sunday night. Mind you, not before missing my plane and then misplacing my car in the Mt. Elbert parking lot which is located in the middle of a Kansas wheat field. Yup, that was me in 29 degree weather, rolling up and down the aisles desperately searching for a Ford Ranger with a Johnny Cash bumper sticker - no luck. I finally had to grab a kindly security fellow who loaded me up in his golf cart and helped me get on my way.

Right now, I'm sitting on a conference call arranged by the Democratic National Committee to talk about "Blogger logistics at this summer's convention" - the first effort by any political party. Mind you, I don't actually have my green light but I'm crossing fingers and toes. I hope to blog this history-making party from several angles for several blogs. We shall see what the blogger gods allow.

So far, still on hold.

(Photo above was taken by Beanie at the Coke Caves in Redstone, Colorado.)


Mark Dowdy said...

The DNC in August? Dude, I'm so there! I'm overdue a Denver visit to Her Heatherness anyway, and, even though, unlike you, there's no way in hell I'll get inside the convention, I'd still like to cover it in some shape or form.

Are they going to cage the anti-war protesters in a so-called "Free Speech Zone" again? My guess is yes. But the FSZ might be where the action is, especially if this thing turns Chicago '68, as it very well might.

ClizBiz said...

MD: Even if you don't get into the convention, there's plenty of trouble you'll be able to get into around here at that time. Lots of events going on at all the nearby hotels and, of course, parties. A friend of mine is in Drinking Liberally and I'm sure they'll have some stuff ... right, Kath?

Kath said...

DL plans to deliver...big time. Stay tuned. Or better yet, get involved and help us party!

hotdrwife said...

A great photo!!!

Miss you. Welcome home.