Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Outfit

Earlier in the week, I mentioned an extravagant outfit I'd worn in Vegas. Like the asshole that I am, I offered no visuals. I have received a number of email and IM proddings to the effect of, "So .... where is it?"

Well, here it is. This is The Outfit at Burning Man many years ago where it barely raised an eyebrow. I purchased it at Piedmont, every showgirl's favorite store in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district. The Outfit is actually one of the more conservative things one can find there. It wasn't cheap but it has paid for itself several times over.

Sadly, none of my photos show me with the jacket off - guess I'm kinda shy. The main bodysuit is a halter piece and the front displays some eye-popping cleavage.

So, I'm off to the airport again in a few hours. Should be tricky since I got a serious smackdown yesterday from Stomach Flu or food poisoning or something that inspired all my bodily fluids to find both north and south exits immediately. I'm still quite woozy today but the road calls.

Update: Okay, since many of you have complained that you cannot view the photo (get Firefox, people!) I've attached another photo here, albeit, not nearly as exciting as the Burning Man shot.


quirkychick said...

It won't show up on any of the computers I've checked on so now I'm dying to see.

Maybe you'll wear it at the teaparty?

ClizBiz said...

No, I won't be wearing it at the tea party but you should try to look at it in Firefox - it shows up there.

Also, I'll repost with a less exciting shot of it.

Mark Dowdy said...

I've been traveling across the country and accessing the Internet from all variety of computers -- Macs, PCs -- and with every browser conceivable -- Firefox, Safari, MS Imploder, Nescape -- and you know what?

I still can't see it either.

Mark Dowdy said...

Now I see you!

Kinda muted tones for Vegas, when you think about it.

And whose that serious-looking guy behind you? He looks like the kinda guy you'd stumble upon in Folsom County Prison.

quirkychick said...

Totally worth the wait - I am coveting it. Would that be bell bottoms down below?

ClizBiz said...

Okay, Dowdy, I get your point. Technology can be soooooo vexing.

QC: Bell bottoms, indeed! You can borrow it anytime - one size fits all, baby.