Thursday, December 03, 2009

My Bro, The Survivor

Back home in Colorado after a week of food and hijinks with the tribe in California. We all took gravyloads of photos but here is one of my faves.

My brother, Rob, making yet another turkey sandwich wearing a souvenir t-shirt from a devastating natural disaster. I found this incredibly American in spirit. After all, nothing is so bad, so terrible that we can't make a t-shirt out of it.


Laurianna said...

Well, when you literally "ride" out a hurricane with a bottle of whiskey in your, laundry room was it?.... It is worthy, at the least,of a t-shirt.

ClizBiz said...

Yes! My favorite story was just before the house flooded the entire first floor of their home, he had 5 minutes to save things and what did he grab?

His wife's wedding dress! So romantic.