Friday, November 27, 2009

Art Begets Art

Earlier this year, while pulling paparazzi duty on the Kentucky Derby red carpet, I snagged this photo of football great, Eli Manning. I posted the photo, along with many others, on Flickr and lo! I got feedback.

One of them came from an incredible soul, Susan J. Richards. She and her husband share in raising a special needs son. To relax and reflect, she paints in acrylics.

Somehow, she came across my photo of Eli and asked me if she could paint it. It was very sweet of her to ask, really. In return, I requested a shot of the finished product. She came through and here it is:

Pretty nice, eh? I love that she captured the eye twinkle that I saw from my own viewpoint behind the lens.

I just love it when one person's art inspires art in another. It feels great to be part of that chain.


Maria said...

did the paiting pic load correctly? i can't view it on my computer for some reason

hotdrwife said...

it looks gorgeous!

ClizBiz said...

The painting shows up fine for me. Maybe try a different browser?

Kath said...

Can't see it either :-(

Using Safari as my browser.

ClizBiz said...

Hmmm. Maybe try Firefox?