Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thoughts for Heidi

Early tomorrow morning, my good friend, Heidi, will undergo a triple by-pass surgery and it's just one more fight in Heidi's ongoing battle for stable health. Of course, I wish her a successful procedure and a quick recovery.

I've known Heidi for 21 years now and she is always seeking the light in life. In fact, this image was made by a friend of hers who feels strongly - as I do - that Heidi is not truly of this earth but is more like a fairy creature accidentally trapped in this world due to misfiled fairy paperwork, or something.

In any case, we're glad to have her here and I'm sure she'll be up and buzzing around quite soon.

Godspeed, Heidi!


Laurianna said...

XOXO's to Heidi...Did she ever get the kidney transplant? My prayers, thoughts, meditations are with her. She WILL have the strength to get through this....I feel it.

ClizBiz said...

No, she is still trying to get on the transplant list. This surgery may or may not help but we're all crossing fingers.

hotdrwife said...

Fingers crossed!! Good, healing thoughts for Heidi.

Heidi's heart said...

Dear Heather,

Yes, misplaced fairy papers. Most definitely.

It is Thanksgiving, and I am so very thankful that I am home from the hospital after a very taxing week and a half. Sore all over, walking with a cane, still very weak, but I am so grateful to be sleeping in my own bed tonight. Thanks to all, including Heather, who have been loving and supporting me and I'm sure will continue to do so during the months of recovery.