Monday, November 23, 2009

"Boarding pass and ID, ma'am."

Later today, I'll hop on that SuperShuttle and head to DIA to join the holiday migration. I'm heading to Long Beach, where my mother will make too much food and my brother, sister-in-law, cousin and nephew and I will try to work it off on the Wii.

I'm looking forward to seeing my family, of course, but am scared of all the food - the responsibilities of cooking it, eating it, cleaning up after it and, as my mom will say, "Finish it off!" And, I admit, I don't look forward to giving up the crisp fall weather here for the standard issue 75-degree day. Every. Day.

Meanwhile, I took these photos at an organic turkey farm that we visited on Sunday, about 30 miles east of Denver. I'll do a full post about it soon because it ties in with all the animal-food-environment-spirituality stuff that I'm burying my head in lately. Lots of revelations all over the place but basically, it comes down to one thing: Eat local when you can.

More photos from our turkey jaunt here.


vlib said...
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vlib said...

Thanks for the update on your holiday whereabouts. We are sharing the day with family-by-choice: neighbors we are closer to than my birth family. Our kids are in similar age groups, and for God's sake, they live on our block. Hecka convenient, as my teen might say. Both families are immigrants, and their kids are fast becoming the most American in their houses. One family is bringing pasta, the other Pumpkin Streudel. (Italians& Germans, in that order.) I am doing cranberries (they've never heard of them) and stuffing. (("Is that bread?") Eleni is making pumpkin pie, as no streudel can take the place of her favorite dessert.

Kath said...

So thankful that Mama Iva is feeling better.

That is reason enough for celebration. Enjoy your family and say hi to SoCal for me.



ClizBiz said...

Thanks, ladies! VLib - that sounds like so much fun. And such a great way to celebrate the day.