Saturday, December 05, 2009

Another Argument For Having Kids

Beer delivery.

I shot this at our cabin last weekend. Emerson is just 18 months old and very determined to please her daddy, Matt May.


hotdrwife said...

Too cute.

This reminds me a friend's little niece - her dad jokingly asked her to get a beer (she was, what, maybe 3 or 4?) and her reply was, "Get your OWN stinkin' freakin' beer".

It's now a staple retort in our home.

ClizBiz said...

Smart kid.

BlogInSong said...

Rolling on the Floor Laughing! The best part is how excited you all get about the actual delivery.

Lauriannna said...

She was so determined! When Wyatt was little like that he would notice when we were done with our beers and get another for us...AND throw away the empties! He took his job seriously.

ClizBiz said...

That's why Wyatt is a Star! Ha!