Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Post-Holiday Thotz

Technically, we've still got New Year's Eve to get through - with a full moon, no less! - but the blur of the season has mostly passed.

I arrived home last night after a wonderful visit with the Mississippi family and today, I feel a bit wrangled. That 'where-am-I-supposed-to-live?' feeling is extra intense. Saying goodbye to people you love makes you wonder why you live so far away.

I love this photo of my 6-year-old nephew, Robbie, waiting for the adults to clean up the dinner dishes so that the unwrapping can being. I so remember this feeling of impatience. I remember looking at the adults who were casually chatting and thinking to myself, "What are they DOING??? Do they even know what day it is? What we could be doing right now? How can they just TALK?!?" I imagine Robbie had the same confusion.

This year, I had a the terrific joy of gifting my father with a book about his life. (Thanks, Blurb!) I'd planned to do it last year but my scanner died on me and my ancient Mac wasn't up to the task. After a full equipment upgrade, the project continued and I spent the last three months scanning and designing the book entitled, "A Bob's Life: The Life and Times of Robert Edward Clisby, Jr."

He was stunned and amazed. He just kept looking it over and saying, "Heather Ann! I can't believe you did this! You could not have given me a better gift."He really loved the book and it was so satisfying for me.

Friends and family who came over were also taken with it, especially the men. Watching their faces, they intensely scrutinized every page with serious concentration. Maybe there's something in there about a man's legacy that touched them deeply. Their faces all said the same thing: "I want one for my life." So, get crackin' people!

Here is my lovely sister-in-law, Mary Ann. She is always teaching me about what it means to be a Southern Woman. Rule #1 - You must have several jars of bacon grease on hand for cooking. Here she is demonstrating her collection of THREE jars in the fridge. She's an amazing cook and now I know the secret ...

Dadgum. I miss them all so much today.


Laurianna said...

What an amazing gift for an amazing man. I'm sure he loved it! Makes me think of when my Mom wanted you to write a book about Francis...maybe I can do one of my own.

Bacon grease. Ahhh, remember the south like it was yesterday. Does make for some tasty eating and many extra miles of running!

ClizBiz said...

Hey, that's a great idea! Your mom would love it and your kids will appreciate it in the years to come. (Technically, I made it for my nephew but we're all enjoying it until he gets old enough to appreciate it.)

Fang Bastardson said...

How can I get a copy of "A Bob's Life?" Have you cooked up a PDF of it yet?

Gimme, gimme!

Kath said...

Love this post!

I gave my Dad a similiar book for Father's Day...he loved it and cherishes it to this day.

TOTALLY get what you say about missing everyone back at the homestead. My departure on Sunday wasn't that bad, only cause I'll be returning next Friday for another 4 day stay.

Even tho my parents were from CT, I grew up with bacon grease in the's a very Hungarian thing to do!

Happy New Year Heather :-) xoxo

Lisa said...

What an awesome gift, Heather. You should be very, very proud. Merry Christmas, Love, Lisa

BlogInSong said...

Hmmmm bacon grease!

Heidi's heart said...

Wow, Heather, what a fantastic gift you gave your dad! A very loving thing to do.