Saturday, April 25, 2009

Revisiting Horse World

Last Sunday, I'd gone up to the old barn to visit my horse friends - bringing bags of carrots, of course. I was knee deep in mud and covered in horse slobber by the time I left - it was heavenly. For a number of reasons (mostly financial), I've not been riding for several months and sorely miss these amazing animals.

So, when Beanie called to let me know she'd purchased her newest equine student, I had to come meet him. Named Larry the Cable Guy, this 4-year-old grey roan has some learning to do. During my visit, he managed to step on my foot (I've got a lovely green bruise now) and snap Beanie's biggest rope. Mind you, she was grabbing his tongue, checking for the presence of 'wolf teeth', which he did not care for.

While she lunged him in the round pen, I visited with two old friends - Bob (human) and Ben (horse). I used to ride Ben all the time and he taught me so much. He is famous for his mid-air 180-degree turns when alarmed. You'd be trotting along, facing west, and a scary real estate sign would come into view and twirl! Just like that, you were suddenly facing east.

Ben's owner, Bob, is the nicest fellow around. He knew I was missing all the action and asked me if I wanted to ride Ben. I was a bit nervous - it'd been nearly six months - but I couldn't pass up the offer.

So funny, I was timid at first, just trotting Ben around the ring when something passed between us. He was clearly anxious to go faster - something Bob does not like to do with him. (Ben is known as a 'hot Arab' meaning he freaks out and takes off for no apparent reason.)

Still, I got the sense that Ben was saying, "C'mon, Heather! What's with this pansy shit??? It's me! Ben! LET'S DO THIS!" I finally agreed and we took off, cantering all over the place. He grunted as he flew, always a sign that Ben was having a good time. I just giggled and said over and over again: "GOOD BOY!"

So nice to be back in the saddle.

(Curious Hobo has been updated.)

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Heidi's heart said...

I like the photo of the underside of a horse's jaw, right?