Monday, March 23, 2009

Geeks in the Wild

Friday kicked off at Kath's house where she hosted a 'Beer, Bacon and Blogging' party.

These little gatherings are always great for me - I learn so much about technology, what people are doing with their gadgets and what goes best with pig meat.

This time I learned that my BlogHer colleague, Erin, is pretty damn famous. A young cutie pie named Jim showed up with one of her tweets on a t-shirt. (He even came with stickers.) I made a mental note to suck up to her come Monday. (Ironically, I suck at this.)

Not only did I get a tad inebriated with some Izze/Vodka concoction but I may have Twittered through the evening - a first. I felt kinda sleazy about it until I realized that we are all doing the same thing. What a buncha nerds.

Bonus? I also got to hang with the clever sex bomb that is ROSALICIOUS:


Kath said...


We all got to hang with YOU!

Glad you liked my Izze Clemodka concoction :-)

rosalicious said...

Clever Sex Bomb, eh? Now THERE'S an idea for the rosalicious sticker!

hotdrwife said...

That so totally defines Rosie!! I love it.

And I'm still bummed I missed this.