Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The First Snowman

Meet Bernie, the first Snoman I have ever crafted. When my Minnesota neighbors first moved in, I made a request: They must help me make a snowman - something I've never done. Last winter came and went but the weather, timing and our schedules did not cooperate.

Today, neighbor Tim IMs me: "Today's the Day." A layer of fresh snow and a sunny sky meant the conditions were perfect. First, I had no idea that snow could roll up like sod or carpeting. Trippy. Also, I didn't imagine snow being so heavy when compiled in a ball. The whole experience made me want to take up sculpting.

I realize that Bernie looks a bit demonic but he's just overly friendly. His arm-branches are holding Mardi Gras beads from last year and a scarf that my Grandma Bethel knitted. His nose is a big fat carrot and his eyes are gorgeous rocks from Utah, gathered from my geology trip last May.

We tried various items for a mouth, including glass beads, rocks and curved branches, but in the end, I used food coloring. (God, I hope that's not some bio-crime I'm not yet aware of.) Much like a deranged sno-cone, Bernie's features have bled a little; he looks like the 7-year-old boy at the birthday party who ate too much cake and ice cream and is now on a sugar-infused rampage.

Together, Tim and I agreed on a green heart - a hope that all this eco-mindedness will take hold and become a permanent way of thought. Also, I hope Bernie sticks around for awhile too.


Xa said...

Nice! Usually it's not wet enough for snow men until spring!

I grew up with a dog determined to defend us against snowmen. When we would go for a walk, Lady would bark like crazy at them -- apparently they looked threatening.

But I'm sure she'd make an exception for Bernie.

ClizBiz said...

Yeah, I could see where certain snowfolks could look threatening. Next time, I'll shoot for something a bit less sinister.

vlib said...

Hey, i hear it may have been tough on yer man there today... Temps skyrocketing to an SF like 60???

ClizBiz said...

Yeah, it has been tough on him. It was in the mid-60s today and he's melting fast. Guess I'll have to build another ...