Thursday, January 22, 2009

Congrats RDJ!

I am SO PLEASED that my favorite movie of the year, "Tropic Thunder", was recognized with a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Robert Downey, Jr for his portrayal of "a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude." Blackface has not been done since Al Jolson and believe you me, there's a reason for that - not just anybody could pull it off.

I only wish Ben Stiller had been recognized too somehow. I know that satirical comedies generally aren't Important Enough for the Academy but jeez, the guy spent 8-10 years developing the story, co-writing the script, taking the lead and then directing a movie within another movie in the middle of a jungle. No small feat.

RDJ is up against Heath Ledger so not sure about his chances but would love to see him win.


quirkychick said...

I loved this movie too - I pretty much adore everything Ben Stiller does.

Even Cable Guy and not many people can say that.

hotdrwife said...

I saw this movie when I was sick as a dog. I need to watch it again. I know I laughed, but I bet I'd laugh more if I saw when I didn't feel like the ass end of a dead rhino.

ClizBiz said...

Whoa. Did Ben Stiller do Cable Guy? I saw it so long ago, I can't remember.

Fang Bastardson said...

I must disagree. I saw both performances and Ledger's (an actor with whom I was hitherto unfamiliar) left a lasting impression. I loved Downey in Tropic Thunder too, but as far as film accomplishments go, I've seldom seen the like of Ledger's Joker.