Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Elected Officials With Beating Hearts Look Like

'Cause you don't see 'em much. They often work silently, without much press. They are like that rare woodpecker - hard to spot.

So, behold Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones from Hamilton, Ohio. Sheriff Jones has ordered deputies to ignore eviction orders when people have nowhere else to live. The sheriff states that such evictions in winter weather - especially during an economic recession - are heartless and those cases should be sent back to the courts and resolved some other way. Said the sheriff:

“It doesn’t cost much for me to be compassionate, and I’m not going to cause somebody to die because I wasn’t compassionate. There has to be some attention drawn to somebody that’s going to be thrown out of their houses that doesn’t have anywhere else to go."

Jones also sent a letter to Gov. Ted Strickland asking him to issue a state order to stop forced evictions for at least the winter months.

The sheriff could face court action if a bank or landlord challenges his refusal to honor a court-ordered eviction and Sheriff said no problemo - that he'd face any consequences of his order.

So there. Some good news in the news for a change. Ohio is lucky to have him.


DD said...

"To Protect and Serve"
Good to hear there is an officer who knows what this oath requires.

Fang Bastardson said...

"Compassion?!" I would buy that for a dollar...

I'll bet his opponents use it to kick his ass like a narc at a biker rally come next election, though, when the housing crisis is forgotten and rural Colorado is back to voting a strict God, Guts And Guns ticket.

~Fang, the eternal cynic

ClizBiz said...

DD - Amazing, isn't it?

Fang: Just to be clear, Sheriff Jones is in Ohio but I appreciate your cynicism, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

dude is an idiot when it comes to everything else. HE IS A RACIST

ClizBiz said...

Statements like that generally don't mean much if a person isn't willing to put their name next to it.