Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Call in Gay Day

Since today is 'Call in Gay Day' in California - which means half of my friends are not working today. I considered it but since I'm not gay, live in Colorado and work from home (meaning nobody would notice anyway), I've opted against it. However, I sure hope it has an impact because this whole gay marriage thing should be way over by now.

By now, we've all seen the much-shared "Prop. 8 Musical" starring the man of my dreams, Jack Black. (Note to dudes: Make me laugh and I'M YOURS.) I was thrilled to see that he points out the irony of the "because the Bible says so" mentality, especially the shellfish example. I love that one.

In celebration of calm discourse and sanctioned intercourse, you should celebrate today by viewing this delightful conversation between Jon Stewart and Mike Huckabee. My favorite question from Jon:

"At what point in your life did you decide not to be gay?"


hotdrwife said...

I can't call in gay today, given my job is staying home to wipe snotty noses and wipe dirty behinds. And to, apparently, teach my child such phrases as, "Holy Shit!".

But, I will promise to CALL a gay. So, Howard! You'd better answer.


hotdrwife said...

Oh!! And the Huckabee thing. That guy freaks me out. I still think of the Rolling Stone article calling him "a man with the skin of a former fatty".

fyrchk said...

I called in gay. Well actually "in sogay." Which I translate to "in support of gay."

And I love Jon Stewart. Him and Keith Olbermann? Phew. Somebody run Mama a cold shower!

ClizBiz said...

Interesting. I don't loathe Huckabee like I do some other politicians and I do appreciate that he went on 'The Daily Show." Plenty of 'em don't have the balls for it.