Sunday, December 21, 2008

Maybe I should hire a sleigh?

Yeah, you know what's fun? Heading to DIA the day after the airport's "worst accident ever." In any case, I'll be the hungover one carrying a guitar with her fingers crossed.

See you on the bayou!


hotdrwife said...

I was going to call you and wish you luck, but then I remembered ... doth she have The New Phone With Train Whistle?

Have a fabulous time, honey. When you get to the bayou. Not so much at the airport. Just survive that bullshit.

M.A. said...

You know, I've been thinking for awhile that we should torture terrorists by making them fly perpetually.

It goes like this: they have to stand in the security line, take off their shoes and coats, remove their laptops from their packs, get shaken down. Then they have to wait to get on the plane, as the usual suspects rummage in the overhead bins long enough to delay take-off by an hour. Next, they have to pay for "snacks" and be awakened by flight attendants every 20 minutes offering them treats they don't want. And, of course, they will be sitting next to screaming children (many of whom are kickers of seats) and whiny adults (not a few of whom suffer from flatulence). Lastly, they land, and wait for ever to disembark the plane as the same crew rummages in the overhead bins again.

Finally, when they exit the plan, they are ushered straight back to security, where they begin the whole process again.

Wouldn't that be worse than water boarding?

ClizBiz said...

HDH: Yes, I've got a replacement phone but it doesn't come with any fun ringtones. Blech. Think I'm going to break down and get an iPhone in April.

MA: That is a BRILLIANT, idea! Where do I sign to make this happen? I wonder if they think about that stuff now when they fly?