Saturday, August 30, 2008

New York Bound

Still exhausted, still processing and leaving in a few minutes to get my shaggy head of hair shaped into something worthy of the streets of New York.

I met my friend's kid last night - his name is Ryan. In light of all this talk about the future, I gifted Ryan with a ziploc baggie of souvenir confetti from Obama's big speech at Invesco. Is that lame or cool? I can't decide but I did it anyway.

Underneath all of this, Hurricane Gustav gathers strength - now a Category 3. I'm trying not to think about it but I grow more concerned every day. We don't need another Hurricane Katrina to remind us of the power of Mother Nature. She's hard to forget.


Howard said...

When do you sleep?

hotdrwife said...

@ Howard: I think the plug-ins she was referring to trying to locate in the Big Tent during the DNC, were in fact, ones for herself. It's the only reasonable explanation in my book. Super human.

PS The confetti is cool!

ClizBiz said...

Sleep? Hmmm ... I've heard of it but ... does it involve confetti?

deirdre said...

ryan thinks the confetti is pretty awesome ... and you too!
you are super woooman!