Thursday, August 28, 2008

More DNC Insanity

There's just too many things happening at once to document here - especially as I am facing a BlogHer deadline. Also, I am supposed to be over at Invesco right about now getting my body and bag frisked to the nth degree.

It's a big day here in Denver and across the nation. I'm aware of the this and I'm also pretty worried about my family on the Gulf Coast facing Hurricane Gustav.

Anyway, I'll try to extrapolate on more adventures later, including a crosswalk talk with Susan Sarandon (she and Dana Delaney picture above, buying their very own Obama Action Figure Dolls) and me harassing Maureen Dowd in an elevator. Later!

Check out more of my DNC photos at my never-ending Flickr stream.


Anonymous said...


Wanted to get in touch with you regarding the Obama Figure and your shots at the DNC.

Could you pleae drop a note to

Thanks in advance.

ClizBiz said...

Hey Todd - thanks for stopping by. Sorry for the late email. Sometimes, I forget to look back - ifyaknowwhatImean.