Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC all week

I made it downtown today thanks to my own strong legs and a little bitta light rail. The city is BUZZING. I've never been near a political event this big so all my pores will be wide open. The photo above is from one of the many protests that took place downtown yesterday. These folks got the most support from the crowd by far.

I'll be photographing all the mania and doing a couple of posts for BlogHer - that's my priority this week. I aim to post here too with various tidbits, anecdotes and photographs. The majority of my DNC photos can be found here throughout the week.


Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

Laurie (lauriewrites) mentioned your blog last night and I came over to say hi! Fellow Denverite here! It's wild this week, huh!?

Are you coming to the Blogger Bash on Thursday?

hotdrwife said...

Sweet! Looking forward to all the photos and stories. Have a great time!!

fyrchk said...

Have fun! I am going to brave the crowds this evening to get to work.

ClizBiz said...

GreebleMonkey: Love the name! Denver is in a frenzy and it's fun to be involved. I hope to come to the blogger bash on Thursday. It will be a night to celebrate.

HDW & Fyrchk: Wish you guys could be my roadies. I need the help!

fyrchk said...

Can I just be called a roadie? Since I can't actually BE there? I'm of course going to need a t-shirt. I went to HDW's and we watched some of the Convention. I kept waiting for them to mention the bloggers and I juse KNEW you would be there. Alas, I never saw you.