Monday, August 25, 2008

I Might Be A Demanding Asshole

So far, not super impressed with the Big Tent's power availability. I just don't understand how you claim to set up a widely advertised 'blogger lounge' and then provide a minimum of power outlets, half of which do not work. Bloggers keep getting up to leave so they can go find a hallway or some coffee place to do their posts. What's odd is that all the TV monitors seem to have plenty of power ...

I complained to my blogger neighbors and got a lot of cooing sympathy: "Well, they are doing the best they can. I mean, this is a lot of people."

In my head, I'm screaming, "What the fuck are you talking about? That's like picking up a six pack of beer and then inviting 12 of your best friends over!!!" There's really no excuse. LAME.


fyrchk said...

If you had roadies, you would have long extension cords or battery back-up packs or something.

And, I'd have that damn t-shirt!

Kath said...

I hear ya. Ran into the same thing at Yearly Kos.

The devil is in the details!

Hoping I get to actually SEE you tomorrow.


ClizBiz said...

Yeah, this is an all-hands-on deck kinda gig. However, I have found a secret sanctuary in the Progressives Now office. There are so many people here that I just blend in. I never thought I could be so seduced by a power outlet.

Kath said...

I know the feeling! One of these days I am investing in a solar charger so I will have more options.

See you soon!! ( I hope!!)

Mat said...

I love the idea of you furtively scoping out various locations for a power outlet you could harness for your own personal purposes. I can see the look on your face. Determined. A little sneaky.

I've done it at many airports and trade shows, and getting away with it is half the fun.

ClizBiz said...

Sneaky? Maybe a little. When it comes to events like this, it's Darwin, baby. Survival of most charged laptop.